Useful medical words in Spanish are, hospital is hospital, pharmacy is Farmacia, medical insurance is seguro medico, medical bill is factura medica, Ambulance is equilibrio.

Medical care for Spanish nationals is free and is considered to be one of the best in the world. Ranked 7th in the world by the World Health Organisation. If you need an organ donation the chances of receiving what you need would be very good. Spain is ranked number 1 in the world for organ donation. If you need to attend hospital or A and E as a non resident (tourist) you will have to produce an E111 card to receive your treatment free. You will be asked to produce this card before any treatment will be carried out, but if you collapsed in the street and an ambulance is called to take you to hospital they will treat you without any questions.

Living in Spain

People who work in Spain will be issued with a TARJETA SANITARIA INDIVIDUAL  (individual health card). This is the same size as a credit card with a chip. This chip will hold any medication that you may have been prescribed. When  your medication is on the card you will receive your  prescription with a massive discount. My friend was prescribed blood pressure tablets which would cost 22 euro for one month´s supply, but if you have your prescribed drug on your card like he did, it only cost him 4 euro. If you have to stay in hospital in Spain it is customary for your family to look after you during your stay. This includes bringing in food and your general well being. Spain has a law that is not well known that all patients have the right to read their care records.

If you are a pensioner from Britain living in Spain permanently you will be able to register for free healthcare. You can do this by applying for an S1 form from health care overseas on 0191 218 1999. This form needs to be taken to the local Spanish social security office and they will advise on what medical centre you should register at. This medical centre will be the nearest to your accommodation.