Xanit International Hospitals

The nearest Xanit Internation Hospital to Malaga Airport is in Benalamadena. Malaga Airport to Beanalmadena takes 15 minutes with Malaga Airport Transfers. Up to 4 persons 50 euro, up to 8 persons 80 euro , up to 16 persons 118 euro. The hospital was built in 2001 and is very modern with all up to date facilities. Xanit Hospital has the most up to date diagnostics and treatments. You will find the hospital in Avenida de los Argonautas, Benalmadena , 29630.

The hospital has over 250 physicians and over 650 staff which consists of trained nurses, porters, administrators, cleaners and skilled maintenance workers. There are over 17 Languages spoken by reception staff. Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Belgium, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Finish, Moroccan, Greek, Romanian and Austrian.xanit hospital with Malaga Airport transfers

The hospital has its own cancer unit and is renowned for its success as one of the best International cancer centres. The hospital treats Digestive Tumors, Lymphomas, Breast and Gynecologic Tumors, Urological Tumors and Lung, Head and Neck Tumors. The unit for Genetic counseling and screening  has the ability to check for hereditary colon cancer and breast cancer.

The heart unit has one of the worlds Internationally recognised leaders in cardiac surgery, Doctor Hans Joachin-Schfers.

The Xanit International Hospital has 122 rooms on three floors. All rooms are private for one patient only and have a spare bed for relatives. There are seven operating theatres and 12 intensive care unit beds.

Out patients services has 45 rooms offering medical and surgical treatments.


The Xanit hospital specializes in the follows treatments neurology, ophthalmology, spinal surgery, dentistry, orthopaedic surgery, medical checks, cardiac surgery, fertility treatments, vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, disestive surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, urology and oncology.

The professionals you need to see are Dr. Rafael Trujillo Vilchez for oncological, Dr. Pedro Aranda for vascular surgery, Dr. Norberto Gandara Adan for digestive system, Dr. Miguel Such for cardiac services, Dr. Maria Isabel Ruiz for plastic surgery, Dr. Esperanza for gynaecology, Dr Juan Carlos Gavilan Carrasco for hepatology, Dr. Juan Arocena Garcia for urology, Dr. Andres Sanchez Cantos for gastroenterology, Dr. Antonio Narvaez for traumatology, Dr. David Perez Meza for hair transplant, Dr. Robin Reyes for ear nose and throat and Dr. Rafel Franquelo for nephrology.